Plastic sheet material

Material : ABS
Specification : By request.
Origin place : Taiwan
Min.order : 1 ton
Company : Manufactory / Export

Product category :
Flat ABS plastic sheet : could be clear flat、polishing and shimmer process.

ABS plastic sheet of texture granule: the surface is granule and could be required for rough granule、general granule、smooth granule and mat. It is usually used for baggage、medical equipment、motorcycle cover、auto、inside roof of bus、instrument panel、the back of chair、interior board of car、machine cover、window frame…etc.

PMMA/ABS sheet : using unique squeezing technology and combine PMMA material which make surface is shinier. The flexibility is better than painting PMMA and has a lot of advantages, too. The color is sparkling and touching is smooth. It is instead of traditional acrylic and used for bath board / bathing products and machine cover generally.

ABS plastic sheet of flame retardant : ABS plastic sheet has flame retardant and used for any kind of equipment.

ABS plastic sheet of anti-UV : surface has been processed specifically, so it extends using time under sun. It is used for machine cover gerenally.

ABS plastic sheet of cold resistant : cold resistant is -18℃ and are used for helmet of ice hockey、snowmobile and cold resistant products.

ABS plastic sheet of pattern transferring : customer offer pattern and we do transferring process. It is used for outdoor advertisement.

ABS plastic sheet of anti static : it is usually used for tray in electronics industry and Vacuum forming process.

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